2 point 0 advances pick speed

Tuesday Nov 27, 2018
Robo2 point 0 advance bookings trend hyderabad original

2 point 0 advances pick speed

Rajinikanth’s 2 point 0, the second instalment of super hit Robo is trending super positive in the Telugu speaking states with advances and with the movie slated for a release in a couple of days, advances have picked up speed.

Most of the shows in Telugu states have already been filled up for the first 3 days and this craze for the film is being capitalized by the distributors adding more shows and screens for the film. Bookings in urban regions is better when compared to rural areas.

The price hike seems to be affecting the advances of the film in rural areas and some screens are being priced at a premium of 200 rs which is a high price even for a straight Telugu top hero film.

The film is expected to be opening to a thumping number worldwide and Telugu states alone are expected to produce a gross of 25+ crores.

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