A decade for a director?

Monday Feb 12, 2018
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A decade for a director?

Tollywood has been and still is a land for heroes and the hero worship culture hasn’t taken a backseat for at least 4-5 decades now. Spanning back from the 70’s hero worship has always been the say in Tollywood and still continues to be the scenario till this day. Heroines may have had their share of limelight to a little extent but never the extent of dominating another big release with their presence. Glamour can be cited as the main reason for heroines fading out and the ageing factor plays a key role in the chances the female leads get.

But what is it with directors that fades them away? Adaptability? Generation gap? Change? The answer seems to be everything given that the trend in Tollywood, at least for the past 2-3 decades has been “A decade for a director”.

Yes, 80% of the directors are fading out within a decade and the films they are making after this period are usually turning out to be big duds ate the box office. Remember any directors who have been ruling the roost in Tollywood from the early 90’s till now? NONE!

Even from the 2000s, directors like Srinu Vaitla, V V Vinayak, Karunakaran, Puri Jagannadh, Krishna Vamshi amongst others who delivered blockbusters then are now delivering duds at the box office and their films are bombing not just because of the quality of the film but in content as well. Even directors like Trivikram who have a huge following have been charting down the path and his graph has been falling down every movie with his Agnyaathavaasi being his weakest work.

There can be no scenario without exceptions and in this case it will be none other than S S Rajamouli who has been a hit machine with no flop to his credit till date. No one even comes close to him in his aspect and tell you what, he’s been growing stronger with every movie of his with the connect to audience and no wonder he’s a brand name now.

The key to success seems to be adaptability to change and understand the changes every generation goes through with their liking to movies. Mass movies ruled the roost a little while earlier while variety and comedy is the key now in whatever genre you make a film in. Those who managed to make the transition have been successful while those who are still sticking to their usual style of making are facing the heat and are on the verge of fading out now.

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