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Friday May 11, 2018
Mahanati savitri boxoffice collections original

Once heard there was a golden era in the movies, where content was the hero. Time changed, and many other supporting things took place of content. And now seeing that olden golden time is sort of bouncing back. Since 2 years, Telugu cinema is witnessing great movies, and now Mahanati showed what right use of talent, time, money can achieve. Bringing a history back to life

Was bit hesitant to see Keerthi as Savitri, but she convinced me and all that, not only lookswise, but as a performer. She was apt for the role. Second half, I felt the person onscreen is Savitri herself but not Keerthi.

Dulquer rocked as Gemini, sweetly calling Ammadi, Samantha and Vijay performed well

Nag Ashwin, Brilliant recreator.. Amanzing and picture perfect work. I believe, Mahanati is his love towards cinema. Showing the roots of a earliest generation of my and world's favorite art "Cinema". I smiled, enjoyed, immersed in great experience watching early growing days of my fav cinema "Telugu" "Tamil" onscreen. 100 out of 100 for technicians for bringing golden era to life.

The one particular scene I observed is taking the camera upside down while Savitri starts drinking after fight with Gemini, showing symbolically, that her life began to turn upside down. Music of Miceky J Meyer is beautiful. Savitri came like a brilliant, joyful kid with utmost talent, ruled the industry but lost herself to conspiracies of the world yet gained the love of world.

Irony is that the life story of a great Telugu actress had to be portrayed by a non-telugu actress. I wish Telugu cinema also gets strong enough to produce our own great telugu actresses, which once gave us Bhanumati, Savitri, Jamuna and many more.

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