Agnyaathavaasi trailer tomorrow

Wednesday Jan 03, 2018
Agnyathavaasi theatrical trailer on 4th original

Agnyaathavaasi trailer tomorrow?

Pawan Kalyan fans are now frustrated with low publicity from the team of Haarika and Haasine for Agnyaathavaasi and much to their frustration, the theatrical trailer of the movie hasn’t been released yet, all the more reason for their anger.

But here’s some news which “might” make them happy as the trailer is said to be releasing in the evening tomorrow. Sources add that the theatrical trailer of the movie would be releasing at 6:30 in the evening tomorrow.

It is in no doubt that the trailer would open to brisk response and viewing but it will have to be seen what’s in store for the fans and the audience. Will it again feel like a rehash of AD? Let’s wait and watch.

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