Akhil croons for Pritam?

Wednesday Jun 14, 2017
Akhil original original

Akhil croons for Pritam?

Well yes! While it is yet to be confirmed by the actor, an interesting news has started floating around that Akhil has crooned for Bollywood music director Pritam. If you are thinking about a song in the movie, then you are completely mistaken.

Well, buzz is that Akhil has sung a song on radio for music director Pritam on the occasion of his birthday and while he wasn’t there in person, the conversation happened over a phone where a person called Akhil, with a voice very close to Akhil spoke and sung the song “Channa Mereya” for a while. The interesting part comes in where the person says that he’s an actor before he hangs up the call and fans now are all interested to find out if he’s the one.

Well, it will be really interesting to see if it was Akhil really but will the actor confirm? Let’s see.

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