Akhil learning it the hard way

Tuesday Mar 13, 2018
Akhil akkineni cinemagala original

Akhil learning it the hard way

Akhil Akkineni, a name that the Akkineni fans supposedly thought would bring back their fame of being one of the best in the industry at the box office and his debut movie had such huge buzz as well. Unfortunately it only turned out to be a dud at the box office which the hero had a hard time soaking in.

His second movie was no less on expectations and while he’s gotten marks for his antics, the movie turned out another flop for the hero at the box office with losses of more than 40% again.

His third movie yet again was supposed to be with a big director but after a lot of speculations, Akhil has gone in with a young director who’s recently delivered a hit with his debut movie.

Seems that Akhil is learning it the hard way to climb his way up the ladder to the top position and that the family tag only helps you get your first big offer in the industry. Had Akhil been a hit, it would have been a different story for the hero but now he’s having to start from zero again. Can he get lucky with his third film?

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