Akhil3 to have a good dose of action

Tuesday Jul 03, 2018
Akhil3 action sequences information original

Akhil3 to have a good dose of action

Akkineni Akhil seems to be taking a liking to action blocks in movies and while he’s already proved his mettle with daredevil stunts in his second film Hello, it now seems that his next will also be featuring some action sequences.

The love story which is expected to be shot for the most part in the UK is expected to have four fight sequences in all and it will have to be seen whether all the four will be shot in the outdoor schedule.

Venky Atluri is directing this movie which has started shooting a few days earlier. The film is also expected to be crossing the 30 crore mark with budget and it will be interesting to see if akhil tastes his first box office success with this movie.

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