Allu Arjun’s next title announced

Wednesday Jun 14, 2017
Na peru surya logo allu arjun original

Allu Arjun’s next title announced

And as expected, the title announcement of Allu Arjun’s next has come and as bene in circulation for a while, the title of movie has been locked “Na Peru Surya”.

The logo of the title has also been released and the shooting of this movie is expected to start from the 21st of this month. Vakkantham Vamshi who’s been knocking many a door for a directorial debut will be making a grand one now with this film and he will only be thanking Allu Arjun for the same.

The female lead in the movie is yet to be finalized while it will be Vishal Shekar composing the tunes for the movie with Bunny Vas, Nagababu and Lagadapati Sreedhar jointly producing it.

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