Allu Arjun stands for Kerala

Tuesday Aug 14, 2018
Allu arjun donates 25 lakhs to kerala original

Allu Arjun stands for Kerala

Allu Arjun who has his sweet own fan base in Kerala is now standing up to a cause which would only delight his fans in the Mallu land.

It is already known that Kerala is being flooded by heavy rains and loss of life has also been reported along with destruction to many social resources. While Malayalam heroes have already donated some amount to help rebuild these back to normal, Allu Arjun has now joined the list.

Allu Arjun has donated 25 lakhs for the same, a gesture which would stand tall in the hearts of his fans.

Earlier, Vijay Deverakonda donated 5 lakhs from his end for the cause.

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