Allu Arjun still at bay

Monday Nov 19, 2018
Allu arjun next with trivikram from december original

Allu Arjun still at bay

Stylish Star Allu Arjun’s strategy is seemingly odd with his upcoming movie and while it has been quite a while he’s gone to sets, no buzz on his next is taking news as well.

It is already known that Allu Arjun has faced a couple of setbacks with Duvvada Jagannadham and Naa Peru Surya and one would have expected him to start working on an interesting project immediately to get going again. But the hero seems to have taken a break which is now spanning to half an year.

A couple of names did rounds earlier as his next directors and a start date in November was expected but none of them took to rails.

It now is said to be Trivikram that will be directing his next but this one now still hasn’t gotten a start date yet.

Will the Allu boy start it this year at all?

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