Amar Akbar Anthony inside info

Monday Nov 12, 2018
Amar akbar anthony inside info original

Amar Akbar Anthony inside info

Ravi Teja has pinned all his hopes on his upcoming release Amar Akbar Anthony and while Ravi’s could just be a little at stake with the film, director Srinu Vaitla has everything at stake and here’s some insider news on the movie with all that burden on it.

The story is showcased in the trailer itself and is said to be a revenge drama for something which has happened to the hero during his childhood. Ravi Teja is said to be playing a single character with 3 roles just like Nagarjuna’s King.

This revenge drama is said to have been mixed with some bits of comedy which is said to been working only in parts. With comedy failing the plot and backed by some serious taking, the movie is said to not be all that encouraging and our little birds state that the film might end up a below par affair.

Well, it does not seem all that bright for the director. Can the film turn up against all this and end up a winner? Let’s find out soon enough.

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