An 80 crore December

Friday Dec 01, 2017
Tollywood december releases original

An 80 crore December

December which only seemed to have one big ticket flick until late has suddenly become heavy loaded with a line-up of films now making their way to the screen within a gap of 6-7 days.

Specifically, the last 10 days of December start with the release of Nani’s MCA followed up by Hello and Okka Kshanam within a gap of day each. Apart from these, films like Chalo, Aachari America Yatra amongst others are planning for a release on the 29th making ita good 5+ films in the last 10 days of 2017.

The business of only 3 of these films is all set to cross the 70 crore mark, the three being Hello, MCA and Okka Kshanam. With other movies also doing decent business, the number will only be on the higher side of 80 crores. Can this December be an 80 crore December?

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