Aravinda Sametha slows down

Tuesday Oct 23, 2018
Aravinda sametha collections boxoffice original

Aravinda Sametha slows down

Aravinda Sametha which enjoyed the privilege of being the solo biggie this Dussera seems to have slowed down after the holiday season and the film had a shaky day at the box office yesterday.

The share from the Telugu speaking states on Monday is expected to be around the 60 lakhs mark. This would be a huge setback to the film and its 100 crore prospects and if the same trend continues, the film might even fall short of the breakeven mark which is set around the 95 crore mark.

NTR fans would be expecting the movie picks up considerably and continue the good run it had until yesterday and become the 5th 100 crore movie in Tollywood.

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