ARM faces a rude shock

Wednesday Oct 31, 2018
Ar murugadoss copies sarkar story original

ARM faces a rude shock

A R Murugadoss has been in limelight for bad reasons time and again and every time he’s been accused of copying stories, he’s gotten out of them almost untouched.

It had to go the other way some time down the line and it turned out to be now. It is already known that ARM has paired with Vijay for his next movie titled Sarkar and a case has been lodged in the court stating that the story of the film has been copied by the director.

The case has been lodged by his assistant director stating that no credit has been given to him for the story and screenplay.

The director had to come to an out of court settlement with the assistant director and also would now be giving credit for the story, all this after first denying that the story was his own and that he’s copied from no one.

This is a rude shock to the director making him succumb to agreement on that he’s copied scripts from others.

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