ASVR runs into deficits

Tuesday Oct 30, 2018
Aravinda sametha collections boxoffice original

ASVR runs into deficits

Young Tiger NTR’s Aravinda Sametha is at the verge of closing with deficits being reported from across locations. This should be termed a steep fall considering the movie’s performance in the first week.

Even in best performing areas for the movie like Ceded, the movie has slowed down considerably and the run has already been cut down to single theatres. Even with single theatres, the movie has been reporting deficits, thus eating into the share of the film.

The overall worldwide collections for the movie stand around the 90 crore mark and the film might fall short of the breakeven mark in many regions along with the overall number.

And so, the wait for the fans still continues for a true blockbuster and they would hope this turns out true with Rajamouli’s movie at least.

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