ASVR teaser disappoints

Thursday Aug 16, 2018
Aravinda sametha teaser response original

ASVR teaser disappoints

And with the out of the world hype given to the teaser of NTR’s Aravinda Sametha, the teaser turned out to be a disappointment, much to disappointment of Trivikram’s fans who were expecting a strong comeback.

The teaser which concentrated on showcasing the raw faction in the film had poorly mouthed dialogues which weren’t clear in the first hearing. NTR’s slang in Rayalseema accent also wasn’t crisp and given his diction, the movie should be featuring a better version.

The chair shot which was supposed to be a goosebumps shot in the trailer was poorly depicted and unless the scene goes along with a high octane sequence, it might end up a subpar bit.

The unit were expecting outright positive response to the teaser unfortunately for which only turned out a mixed one.

NTR mass base however should be extremely happy with the teaser and they would be looking forward to the movie for this Dussera.

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