Baahubali2 sets a new benchmark

Friday Jun 16, 2017
Baahubali2 50 days poster hd original

Baahubali2 sets a new benchmark

Magnum Opus Baahubali – The Conclusion which has set some high standards for films to come has set yet another and with the film completing 50 days, it is learnt that it has run for full 50 days in a whopping 1050 theatres which is a terrific number.

With centre record days long gone, to do this feat is a superb achievement and Baahubali2 has reminded the audience of the good old days when the 4 pillars of the industry ruled the roost with some scintillating centre records.

The movie which is already the Indian blockbuster now has been surpassed worldwide by Dangal’s Chinese version, the latter which now stands at the 5th highest grossing film worldwide.

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