BAN teaser garners excellent response

Wednesday Mar 07, 2018
Bharath ane nenu vision teaser on 6th original

BAN teaser garners excellent response

The vision of Bharath Ram, the teaser of Bharath Ane Nenu has opened to superb response soon after it released to viewing and expectations on the movie have now skyrocketed with the teaser showing all promise of a blockbuster.

The teaser which is in usual Koratala’s style showcased the character of the hero showcasing his attitude of not backing off, no matter the circumstances and links it to him being the Chief Minister. A close look at the teaser gives hints on the hero dealing with an issue related to children, in all probability, their education and the odds he faces in the process of achieving a greater good.

Whilst showcasing the theme of the film, Koratala gave enough hints of a mass movie with action sequences as well and this teaser should be said as a feast to fans.

Expectations were already riding high on the movie and this teaser now would only make the wait a much longer one for the fans until the 20th of April.

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