Big Boss 2 spices up

Monday Jul 30, 2018
Big boss 2 telugu original

Big Boss 2 spices up

Big Boss 2 is spicing up this time around and while season 1 was all about entertainment, season 2 looks to more be emotional driven with lot of drama in the house and groupism.

This week had seen the faces of two, not one, expelled house mates getting back to the house and while their presence in the house is not yet there, the moment they get in can be anytime now. Shyamala and Nuthan Naidu are making a re-entry based on the voting by the audience and this would mean a double elimination somewhere round the corner.

Nani seems to be getting a mixed response unlike NTR for his hosting and he’s being tagged and trended for wrong reasons on social circles, favoritism being touted the main reason. Whether he really is or not? Only he can tell.

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Pic Credits: Hindustan Times


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