Cheppanu Brother trending now

Thursday May 05, 2016
Dsc 4187 wm original

Allu Arjun's Sarrainodu released a fortnight back and went on to become a hit to which a success celebration event was held yesterday. Now began the story with Allu Arjun responding to the "infamous PK chants" in every other mega hero's events. The fans went on to chant PK to which the star replied "Cheppanu Brother" in a serious tone.
It has been a while since the sting struck mega fans about an animated breakup between Allu and PK fans but now they seem to believe that their feared animation is true. The rift started from Son Of Satyamurthy audio release with Bunny denying to comment about Pawan Kalyan and this has continued in every other function ever since. With some harsh comments from the star, fans now have reason to believe that the rift may not be entirely ruled out. 
Allu Arjun has ever kept Chiranjeevi at high regard but not his all famous brother PK. For the very same reason, the power star's fans are enraged and are showing at fault his earlier references of the latter walking up the ladder. Only bunny should know the reason behind his comments. Meanwhile critics are bashing off the rumours blaming the section of fans who seem to create nuisance every time another mega hero holds the mike. With this being said, the trends show #CheppanuBrother and #rippkfans trending with some anti mega fans pitching in to enjoy the spoils.
Well, things seem pretty interesting as of now and if anything, future seems to promise only more entertainment. Keep watching this space for more.


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