Chota faces netizens heat

Tuesday Nov 13, 2018
Chota k naidu behavious with kajal at kavacham audio launch original

Chota faces netizens heat

Cinematographer Chota K Naidu was in some world of his own yesterday when he kissed heroine Kajal Aggarwal on her check after hugging her on stage.

This took place during the audio launch of Bellamkonda Srinivas’s Kavacham and while the heroine was seen smiling, it must sure have been a surprise, rather a shock to her as well.

Kajal fans on the internet were seen bashing the cinematographer and are digging out more videos and tit bits about him which aren’t all in his favour. And what’s more, the tag to ban Chota from TFI trende for a while.

Neither the heroine nor the cinematographer responded on the happenings and it will have to be seen if they will at all.

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