DVSK? Seriously?

Monday Sep 11, 2017
Jai lava kusa comparison with dvsk original

DVSK? Seriously?

Well, you can surely praise the film you’ve made and there’s no problem with it but when you compare it with a classic, you should think twice about it and when it is your own grandfather who’s featured in it, you should be the most cautious one of the lot.

The trailer launch event of the movie Jai Lava Kusa featured a lot of chest thumping stuff about the movie and while everyone of the unit praised the film, Kalyan Ram Nandamuri took a step further and compared it with the classic Dana Veera Sura Karna which seems to not have gone all that well down the wire.

First of all, all you make is a commercial film with all mass masala mixed into it and you compare it with a film that is a depiction to our highly accorded character of the Mahabhaaratha. A bit too carried away, aren’t you Kalyan Ram?

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