F2 trailer is truly fun and frustration

Tuesday Jan 08, 2019
F2 theatrical trailer review original

F2 trailer is truly fun and frustration

This Sankranthi is not just about biopics and full on mass action flicks but of fun as well. And F2 promises just that with the theatrical trailer that has been released a few hours ago.

The trailer should be said a feast to Victory Venkatesh fans as he shows glimpses of his epic comic timing which has been missing in his past few films. As shown from the teaser itself, the story seems to be revolving around a couple of pairs and their sweet nothings.

Tamannah looks good in the trailer while Mehreen’s getup seems to be a bit funny. Varun Tej is okay and his comic timing is okay as well.

The flip side of the trailer seems to a wafer-thin plotline and it will be interesting to see how the director manages to keep the audience engaged for 150 minutes only with the conflicts of pairs.

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