Fans unhappy over Harika and Haasine

Thursday Sep 27, 2018
Aravinda sametha promotions irks fans original

Fans unhappy over Harika and Haasine

NTR fans are now an extremely unhappy bunch and the reason for this is the production house of their hero’s upcoming movie Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava.

The movie is only a couple of weeks from the release and the theatrical trailer hasn’t been released for the movie yet. The teaser which has been released a little while earlier has opened to mixed response from the audience.

The songs are also highly situational and fans are unhappy about the unit not trying to make an attempt to get the buzz increasing for the film with exciting content.

The production house had to feel the wrath of the fans of Pawan Kalyan during Agnyathavaasi time and looks like the same is repeating for them again. Will they get better this time around?

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