Garudavega’s sailing gets tough

Thursday Nov 09, 2017
Psv garudavega heading to disaster original

Garudavega’s sailing gets tough

Rajahsekar’s PSV Garudaveda might have secured to itself some decent talk but the movie is failing to convert it into box office numbers and is now looking at huge losses for the producer who’s spent a whopping 20 crore on the movie with the release also being done mostly by the production house.

The first week collections of the movie are expected to be around the 5 crore mark, 1/4th of the actual amount spent and it now seems that the movie would be heading to a disaster unless something out of the blue happens and the audience flock to theatres.

The movie has now reached the breakeven mark only in the US cordon and is nowhere near in the Telugu speaking states and the movie will have to mint in 15 crores more to reach the breakeven mark which seems an impossible task now.

Whilst the movie is a good comeback for Rajashekar in terms of the content, it still will go down the wire as a disaster as box office numbers speak more about the result now than the content.

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