Gruham moves out of the 10th

Wednesday Nov 08, 2017
Gruham release date pushed to 17 original

Gruham moves out of the 10th

Siddarth who’s eyeing a comeback to Tollywood with his upcoming release Gruham seems to be facing some setbacks with the release and while the movie was initially planned for a release on the 10th, it now seems to have been pushed and the unit is “hoping” a 17th release now.

The issue seems to be with the film not being certified by the censor board yet and with less than 2 days for the planned release, the film now only has no other option but to be pushed further. To this extent, Siddarth shared his disappointment on Twitter and hoped the movie would be releasing on 17th.

This horror genre of a film has been in the news for a while with some interesting promotional cuts and the unit has expected the film to open well. But they will have to wait till at least the 17th now.

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