I will make it no matter what

Wednesday Oct 11, 2017
Rgv lakshmi s ntr original

Will make Lakshmi’s NTR – RGV

I will make Lakshmi’s NTR, no matter what!

This is what RGV has to say about his upcoming movie and this is what he is also known for, picking up controversial subjects and making them no matter what.

It is already known that Nandamuri Balakrishna announced to make the biopic of his father and initially RGV was supposed the call the shots. It somehow didn’t pan out as expected with Teja taking RGV’s place and as expected, RGV lashed back at Balayya by announcing his film Lakshmi’s NTR and what’s more, he’s released a first look of the film as well.

The family of Nandamuri didn’t like any happening on this and so did TDP who have asked, rather warned? RGV to back off to which the director replied in “kind”. He stated a blunt “I will make this film no matter what from the facts I have. No one can deny my right to make a film from a person’s point of view” stated the director.

It now is learnt that the family of Nandamuri are taking this movie seriously and are putting pressure from different ends to not make the film take to rails. Will they be successful, can they stop the maverick director?

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