Inttelligent inspired from Khaakee?

Thursday Feb 08, 2018
Inttelligent story from khaakee original

Inttelligent inspired from Khaakee?

Vinayak might have given out information on the plot of the movie but talk in the Tinsel Town has been ablaze already on the plot of Inttelligent and its inspiration.

While the movie is said to be inspired from the happenings of Snake Gang in the city, the actual theme is said to have been inspired from Khaakee which released during the shooting of Inttelligent. Khaakee is a Kollywood blockbuster dubbed into Telugu which also turned out to become a hit.

Khaakee had to itself some engaging screenplay and some excellent work with music and camera which helped the movie big time. Can Vinayak repeat the same kind of magic with Inttelligent? Let’s find out soon enough.

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