Inttelligent opens to disastrous start

Saturday Feb 10, 2018
Inttelligent day 1 collections estimate original

Inttelligent opens to disastrous start

Sai Dharam Tej is now faced with yet another disappointment with Inttelligent, his latest release and the movie which has been low on buzz since the beginning has opened to a disastrous start on its day-1.

Sai who’s had good openings until Winner slowly kept losing his ground with a series of flops and while his Jawaan opened to humble numbers, Intteligent is now expected to hit a new low and initial estimates are that the film might end up collecting less than 2.5 crores on day 1, more than 50% drop from his highest.

The word of mouth isn’t great as well and the response to the morning shows in the Telugu states is poor and if the same if to continue, the film might end up a huge disaster with losses of above 70%.

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