Is Pawan Kalyan really the star fans project?

Saturday Jan 20, 2018
Pawankalyan the star original

Is Pawan Kalyan really the star fans project?

This doubt may not have skipped one’s thoughts after the dismal and disastrous performance of Agnyaathavaasi at the box office.

The film had a load of positives to its backing starting with the industry hit combination of Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram, Sankranthi season, decent audio and some superb hype getting to the release along with a good theatrical trailer and teaser. Finally, the film also had special permissions for extra shows and ticket hikes(which only worked against later though).

And amidst all these, the film just managed to cross the 50 crore mark and is now staring at losses of above 70 crores which can only be termed as disastrous. The film failed to secure a decent word of mouth alright but its performance at box office is what the surprising part is with days 2, 3 and 4 only managing about 6-7 crores which was the expectation from day 2 alone. Films like MCA which released a good 3 weeks earlier managed to dominate Agnyaathavaasi at some locations which in itself speaks volumes about the performance of the movie.

Pawan Kalyan is a star hero alright, but is he the numero uno that his fans think he is at the box office? Does he command such a pull that turns films to blockbusters with his name alone? Is he really a power house of collections or is it just the hype and aura created by his fans and few industry personalities that make him feel like one?

Well, what answers Agnyaathavaasi provides to the above questions is a loud and clear “NO”. Can the future alter the answer to one that his fans would like, be it politics or cinema?

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