Kathi Mahesh resorts to sensationalism

Monday Jan 08, 2018
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Kathi Mahesh resorts to sensationalism

Kathi Mahesh who’s been poking hard and pushing the bar on his fight with Pawan Kalyan to a new high every time has now taken it to a peak with him resorting to sensational comments on Pawan Kalyan and his supporters.

At a press meet held yesterday, the critic made some sensational comments on Pawan Kalyan, Trivikram Srinivas and Poonam Kaur and further added fire to his comments stating that he has proofs for the allegations made and that his proofs are verified by forensics as well.

Following are the comments/questions Mahesh made/posted

         Why did Poonam perform a ritual in Tirupathi with the same gothram as Pawan Kalyan

         Why does she hate Trivikram Srinivas so much

        Why did she attempt a suicide and who took care of her hospital bills

        What is the word given by Pawan Kalyan to Poonam’s mother in person

        How did Poonam become the brand ambassador for handlooms in AP all of a sudden

He followed up the press meet by a series of live shows on different channels and has countered many questions posted.

The critic described his fight as not any personal grudge against the hero or something but just a fight for his self-respect which he holds at a highest level and for his life.

His comments have not been yet responded on by Poonam, Pawan Kalyan or Trivikram Srinivas and it will have to be seen if this takes a new turn as some serious allegations are at challenge, especially on a woman.

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