Kaushal Army gets a rude jolt

Monday Sep 03, 2018
Big boss 2 telugu nutan naidu eliminated original

Kaushal Army gets a rude jolt

Bigg Boss Telugu is now spicing up getting to the final few weeks and Kaushal Army, who have been in the driving seat for the past few weeks have gotten a sudden jolt with the elimination yesterday.

While everyone expected one of Samrat or Amit to be the second contestant to be eliminated this week, it was Nutan Naidu who had to leave and Kaushal Army who were confident on his stay for the next week were in for a rude shock with his elimination.

The elimination trended big boss in bad light almost immediately and doubts are being raised on the authenticity of the voting process which is obviously not disclosed.

News has been ablaze in twitter already on game plan of the big boss organizers to get the game interesting by elimination of Nutan Naidu even before yesterday’s episode started and that becoming a reality has now irked the fans who’ve voted for him.

The fans of Kaushal, who are called the Kaushal Army are now worried if a similar logic will be used to eliminate Kaushal himself.

Well! This is big boss house. Anything could happen.

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