Kaushal wins big boss

Monday Oct 01, 2018
Kaushal wins big boss 2 telugu original

Kaushal wins big boss

There are no surprises there! Yes, Kaushal has won the big boss season as expected and his fans, who are called the Kaushal Army are extremely happy and are calling this the people’s victory.

While the official voting percentage hasn’t been revealed by the Star MAA channel, it is being circulated that the winner has received a whopping 39 crore+ votes while the second best, Geetha Madhuri has received close to 1.7 crore votes. This number if true would be the highest voting percentage to a contestant on Indian screen of Big Boss all seasons and languages combined. When compared with only Telugu, the voting for current winner is 10 times that of season 1 winner Siva Balaji.

While fans are happy, Kaushal has also found his criticism in housemates like Babu Gogineni, Tejaswi Madivada and Tanish who were nowhere to be seen in his group picture after winning the big boss title.

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