Kirrak Party trailer opens to good response

Thursday Feb 01, 2018
Kirrak party trailer response original

Kirrak Party trailer opens to good response

Nikhil Siddartha is raring to go with his next movie, the trailer of which has opened to viewing yesterday. Title Kirrak Party, the movie’s trailer has been garnering good response.

The two get ups of the hero and his transformation amidst the college environment seems to have been showcased with a pinch of entertainment with two ladies present to support the hero. The visuals are great as well and the college environment and its emotion seem to have been showcased beautifully.

The only flip side is the plot being already known(with the movie being a remake to Kirik Party) and shades of earlier college related films like Happy Days, Premam and Kerintha.

The film is slated for a release on the 9th and will be facing competition from the likes of Inttelligent and Tholiprema. Can it withstand the competition and emerge out the winner?

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