Kirrak Party US gets a grand release

Wednesday Mar 14, 2018
Kirrak party college tour original

Kirrak Party US release

Nikhil’s Kirrak Party is nearing its release date and the makers are ensuring the movie gets a grand release and with the movie catering to the younger sect more, the makers are making sure the movie gets a grand release in urban areas.

And so the movie is getting a grand release in the US as well with the distributor securing a good 130+ locations for the release. The premieres also priced a moderate prices and the makers are expecting a decent turnout to movie given that the genre caters to the student junta in the US.

Happy Days which released in the US was a trendsetter that time and is still looked upon as a market opener to Indian movies in the US and the unit would only be hoping that this movie repeats the feat.

Saran has directed this movie with Samyuktha Hegde and Simran playing female leads.

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