LIE day 1 collections

Saturday Aug 12, 2017
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LIE day 1 collections

Nithin‘s LIE day 1 box office collections have stood surprisingly at the third position of the three releases contrary to the expectations before the release. With a wider release than Jaya Janaki Nayaka, much better numbers were expected but the movie seems to have the word of mouth effect on it and with it not so encouraging, the movie is now looking at the third place even in the full run.

Below are the numbers of LIE from the telugu states.

Nizam                             -         0.81 crores 

UA                                   -         0.31 crores 

Ceded                              -         0.42 crores

Krishna                           -         028 crores 

Guntur                            -         0.17 crores 

East                                 -         0.21 crores 

West                                -         0.11 crores 

Nellore                            -         0.07 crores


Total AP/TG collections         -         2.38 crores

#Weak opening

P.S: These numbers are collected from different sources and are approximate. Actuals may vary.


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