Mahanayakudu running to a disaster

Monday Feb 25, 2019
Ntr biopic mahanayakudu box office collections original

Mahanayakudu running to a disaster

NTR biopic, the much hyped movie of 2019 that was supposed to be on par with none other than the Baahubalis. Expectations before the movie release were to topple few records on day 1 and full run.

It only turned that this was all an illusion when the first instalment of the film Kathanayakudu bombed at the box office even after securing positive talk and with the performance of the second part now, it turns out nothing but a humiliation to the Nandamuri fans.

Mahanayakudu has had a disastrous start on day 1 with many centres reporting deficits and the weekend had no respite for the film with head counts in theatres not even reaching 10% of full capacity. The film’s run can be termed as complete now and if deficits are to be taken to account, then the distributors will themselves have to pay amount to theatres in return.

The film’s collections were supposed to go to the distributors in a ratio of 40% and with this now, they would not have recovered even a penny after what they have lost for Kathanayakudu.

An epic proportion disaster.

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