MCA pushed earlier or no?

Tuesday Nov 07, 2017
Mca release date december 14 original

MCA pushed earlier or no?

Dil Raju seems to be pondering over the release date of Nani’s upcoming release MCA and while the unit have earlier announced a date in the 21st of December, it seems that the makers are now pondering over a release on the 14th of December.

With Akkineni Akhil’s Hello being slated for a release on the 22nd, it seemed that the release of MCA has been pushed earlier to the 15th but Dil Raju now seems to be concerned about the release in the US for the film with a big ticket Hollywood flick slated for a release on the same day.

Nani enjoys a good following in the US and a limited release would sure have some impact on the movie’s performance in the overseas cordon, a gamble which the makers are now not ready to take it is being heard.

So the uncertainty seems to be prevailing over the movie’s release date and an official announcement on the release date may be coming soon.

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