Mega directors swap

Tuesday May 22, 2018
Chiru charan original

Mega directors swap

And so it is a mega directors swap within the mega camp itself and while two crazy projects have been in offering, it is turning out that two crazy projects are indeed coming out, only that the combination is different.

At the start of 2018, the two crazy projects from the mega camp that were expected to start were Ram Charan – Koratala and Chiranjeevi – Boyapati Srinu. Come February, the scenario changed to Boyapati Srinu with Charan and the movie even took to rails with the regular shooting happening now at brisk pace.

And now, the latest update is that Mega Star Chiranjeevi will be pairing with Koratala Siva for his next after Syeraa and the movie is expected to be officially launched later in 2019. While an official confirmation is still expected, it seems that the pairing is definitely on.

So Boya who was expected to direct Chiru will be directing Charan and Koratala who was expected to direct Charan will be directing Chiru.

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