Milky beauty gets outgoing

Thursday Apr 05, 2018
Tamannah gets outgoing original

Milky beauty gets outgoing

Milky beauty Tamannah Bhatia who’s had her share of limelight might have expected her career to skyrocket after her stint in Baahubali 1 and even though her character had some screen time with some wow songs, offers didn’t make way for her after the release of the film.

While her name has been doing rounds here and there for medium to high budget films, they aren’t turning out to her featuring in movies and she’s only lined up one film for release alongside Kalyan Ram which is expected to be releasing in May.

The heroine meanwhile is said to have set her contacts rolling for getting her busy again and insiders say that Prabhas is being pushed for getting her on board for one of his upcoming movies. The lady herself is trying to stay in the news with some or the other photo feature or promotional activities.

All said, she’s getting more and more outgoing and making few unexpected appearances. But will they fetch her more offers and get her going again?

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