Naa Nuvve trailer fails to impress

Thursday May 17, 2018
Naa nuvve theatrical trailer response original

Naa Nuvve trailer fails to impress

Nandamuri Kalyan Ram is all set for the release of his next Naa Nuvve and the theatrical trailer of the film has been released by the unit earlier yesterday and the trailer opened to decent viewing.

The response to the trailer however has been poor and the hero seems to be a misfit to the story that is in the telling. Tamannah is cute and seems to have done her part well but Kalyan Ram’s look and his body language did not seem to suit the character and its proceedings all that well.

The story also seems to be a full length love story with minimal mass elements which might go against Kalyan Ram’s favour as his following is mainly with the masses.

Well, it will have to be seen if the film turns any better for him and provides him with another hit.

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