Naa Peru Surya not getting traction

Monday Apr 16, 2018
Naa peru surya not getting traction original

Naa Peru Surya not getting traction

Allu Arjun’s Naa Peru Surya and its unit are said to be now pondering on the promotional strategy on the film as it is being heard that the unit feel that the movie is not getting the traction it needs and expectations.

While the promotional content is opening to very good response when released, nothing much has been happening after it for fans to be ranting about and the audio also seems to not have made a superb impact with the audience.

The unit also seem to have gone soft on promotions and no real buzz is being seen on the film with the release only a few of weeks from now. The unit will have to release an extravagant trailer to sustain the buzz and the pre-release or audio event should be planned well to get the movie going on its way.

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