Nani’s growing hold of Tollywood

Friday Feb 16, 2018
Nani grows as a brand original

Nani’s growing hold of Tollywood

Nani might have started his career in Tollywood as a nobody literally but he’s now a star who commands a decent pull at the box office with his movies. His last release MCA has fetched him a 7 crore plus opening on day 1 which is a huge number considering where Nani has started his career a good decade ago.

One might have laughed off a few years ago when talked about an elevation sequence like the MCA interval for Nani but that is a reality now and tell you what, the scene has garnered superb response in the theatres. That response, though a commonality in Tollywood, is a sure sign of the stature building of Nani and his growing pull and reach over Tollywood.

The hero now is not just limiting himself to acting but is venturing to production as well and his Awe! has opened to screening today and the film has opened with good head count across the screenings, thanks to some flamboyant star cast. But it should be admitted that the initial buzz built up by the name of the producer himself and interest shook everyone when Nani announced that he’s producing a film under an infant banner.

Sure seems to have built up some brand name Nani. Acting, production, assistant direction and who knows, may be direction soon enough?

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