Nani’s next with Avasarala cancelled

Wednesday Jul 18, 2018
Nani not to work with avasarala original

Nani’s next with Avasarala cancelled

Natural Star Nani is climbing the ladder up in the industry quickly and this story here might be a reinforcement of the same fact.

It has been reported earlier that Avasarala Srinivas has penned down a script for Nani and that this movie is expected to go on sets soon. This movie now seems to be off and the director is now looking to cast a new hero for the script at hand.

The reason for this is said to be stature of the hero and both the director and producer feel that the script might not suit the sensibilities of Nani with the kind of star he is now and so are said to have dropped the idea of featuring the hero in their movie.

Well, building up image does have its negative effects seems like.

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