Nani to Nag and Nag to Nani

Thursday Apr 05, 2018
Nagarjuna nani multistarrer original

Nani to Nag and Nag to Nani

Nagarjuna and Nani’s multistarrer has taken to sets and a short schedule of the film has already been completed. Nani who’s been shooting from the beginning is now accompanied by Nagarjuna who’s joined the shooting only yesterday.

Nani shared his excitement before the start of the shoot about one of his favourite heroes joining the shoot with him and posted to twitter about his childlike excitement to which Nag replied in kind showering Nani with praise about his talent and his excitement on joining the shoot.

It is already known that Sriram Aditya has bought together this canvas and fans are eagerly waiting for this one to get going. Meanwhile the look of the heroes in the movie seem to feature a beard and both Nani’s and Nag’s look looks good in the shooting pics.

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