New music director name for SyeRaa

Tuesday Feb 13, 2018
Syeraa narasimha reddy music director original

New music director name for SyeRaa

Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy might have started on a huge canvas boasting of a superb star cast and crew but the movie has faced some blows nevertheless.

The first blow came in the form of A R Rahman who only recently announced that while he wanted to work on the movie, he’s had to move out due to other commitments. The unit haven’t announced another name as the music director since.

An interesting news doing rounds now in the film circles is that Ilayaraja is being considered for the same and that the unit feels that his experience in scoring music for films like Rudramadevi helps. An official note however is yet to be provided.

While this is the news, some again say that Chiru’s visit to Ilayaraja only was to invite him to the event that is to be held in a few days and nothing else and that the chances of Ilayaraja scoring for Sye Raa are very bleak.

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