Nithin LIE censor info

Wednesday Aug 09, 2017
Lie   cinemagala 0021 original

Nithin LIE censor info

Nithin’s LIE which is gearing up for a release on the 11th has finished its censor formalities earlier yesterday and has obtained a U/A certificate with a crisp run time of 144 minutes.

The movie is said to have a storyline which revolves around the character of Arjun and has different characterizations for all the lead roles. The lead pair chemistry is said to have worked out well and the songs are okay on screen.

Overall, the first half seems to be better than the second half and the twists in the second half are good making it a good watch.

It seems like Nithin has scored yet another hit with LIE and a hit for the season if anything to go by. Let us see if this turns out true on the 11th.

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