No premieres for Inttelligent

Thursday Feb 08, 2018
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No premieres for Inttelligent

Sai Dharam Tej’s Inttelligent which is slated for a release tomorrow is following a different route to the usual release happenings in Tollywood and the film will not be featuring any premieres in the US.

Any film, small or big is getting whatsoever kind of a release in the US of late as the cordon has been a money spinner if the film provides some entertainment. Inttelligent somehow seems to not be following the trend and no premieres are being screened for the film across the US.

Vinayak who is popular among the masses is not so popular in the US with his style of taking and Sai also being on a lean patch is only managing to mint in little in the US. Whether this is the reason for not featuring the premieres?

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