Officer fails to pick up

Wednesday Jun 06, 2018
Nagrgv4 officer collections original

Officer fails to pick up

Nagarjuna and RGV’s Officer is now staring at a huge disaster even with the low prices involved and the movie is failing to spin money at the box office across territories in the Telugu speaking states.

The movie opened to a subpar talk right from the initial shows but the star power of Nagarjuna was expected to rake in decent figures at least during the opening weekend, unfortunately which didn’t happen. The film only managed to post meagre numbers of half a crore on its opening day and the film never really took off since then.

Few theatres are posting day deficits already which is irking the fans of the hero even more.

The movie has been low on buzz right from its announcement and fans were also not expectant of any blockbuster content from the director given his current form. But the dismal performance of the movie at the box office is sure a shocker, even to the trade.

Seems like the RGV brand supersedes everything else.

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