Oxyzen extremely dull on buzz

Thursday Nov 30, 2017
Oxyzen dull on buzz original

Oxyzen extremely dull on buzz

Another one seems to be going against to Gopichand’s liking as his upcoming release Oxyzen which is slated for a release today is extremely low on buzz.

The film which has been battered down with lots of delays and postponements has finally gotten to a release timeline as promised and it seems that everything is not going the way the makers would have expected it to go.

The film is low on buzz with its release and unless it secures a decent talk, it might become yet another cost failure movie for Gopichand who is already running through a lean patch.

Gopi’s Gautam Nanda opened to a very good start owing to an excellent teaser and trailer and the unit would be hoping that this movie takes one such start some way or the other.

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